Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It’s a staggering reality that most organizations know more about their laptops and copiers than they do about their people. This happens in spite of the fact that as much as 70% of an organization’s expenses are invested in employees. Managers then make workforce decisions without the benefit of key information and insights that drive better business outcomes. With up-to-date information and increased visibility into candidates and employees, your managers can see the talent that is powering your organization and better understand how to recruit, retain, and mobilize that talent. Not only will you gather more intelligence about your talent, you will dramatically improve how you identify, develop, compensate, and retain the top performers that achieve results for your organization.

Why Customers Love Taleo

Community—Taleo customers include Fortune 100 leaders, Global 2000 companies, and thousands of innovative organizations.

Best Practices—Best practices are built on more than 10 years of experience with companies of all sizes around the world.

Service—Award-winning service and support drives more than 94% customer satisfaction in independent studies.

Technology—Secure, anytime, anywhere, on demand service is built on the most advanced internet standard technologies.

Experience—One of the largest multitenant on demand providers in the world. Achieved 99.9% uptime while supporting thousands of customers making billions of transactions and millions of hires.

Platform—A unified workforce view on a single platform that combines recruiting, performance, compensation, and development.

Usability—Customers rank usability and the intuitive user interface as a major reason for choosing Taleo.

Global—Millions of users around the world processing millions of candidates from more than 200 countries and territories.

Success—Service oriented approach gets customers operational in days or weeks with 100% implementation success.

Configuration—Configurable features and work flow on a single code line mean no costly recoding of customizations during an upgrade.

Cost—With software as a service, there are no additional hardware or software required - just a web browser.

Integration—Connect to HRMS, background screening, tax credit, or assessment processes with delivered APIs or Web Services.

Innovation—Taleo pioneered profile-based screening, configurable workflow, native assessment platform, Talent Master, and Universal Profile.